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3 February 2008

Change of address

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I moved out of my old flat yesterday, and into a new flat on Kelburn Parade. The new flat is quite a bit bigger (7 bedrooms rather than 3), though the bedrooms are smaller. It is of course much closer to the university. The flat is being run by TSCF, with people from VUWCU and ICF living there.

We do not have a phone currently, and I will not be online as much as usual as we do not have a proper Internet connection yet. For now I have a USB wifi adapter in middle of a parabolic wire mesh dish sitting propped in the window at a certain angle connected to my laptop to connect to the VUW network, then a cable between my desktop and laptop with my laptop routing so I can connect from my desktop. I then connect to SWANS with OpenVPN over that. This all results in a very flaky and unreliable connection.

We are planning to have a flat-warming on 2008-03-01, so keep that day free if you are my friend and live in Wellington.


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  1. Can I join you for your flat warming??
    And how did this fancy blogger know I entered an invalid email address?? lol

    Comment by Katie Lindsay — 22 February 2008 @ 7:35 am

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