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26 February 2008

Book recommendation: Infinity Beach

Filed under: Books — qwandor @ 8:20 pm

I recently read Infinity Beach by Jack McDevitt, and recommend it to anyone who enjoys science fiction.

It is set about a thousand years in the future, when humans have settled on planets in a number of other solar systems but no other life has been found on any of the many planets explored. Humanity has reached the point where everybody can live a comfortable life, but there is no longer any real progress. The main character, Dr. Kim Brandywine, works for an organisation aiming to find extra-terrestrial intelligence but does not really believe that there is any life in the universe beyond that brought from Earth. This slowly starts to change when an old acquaintance suggests to her that the failed SETI expedition in which her sister died may not have been what it seemed. She begins to investigate, and becomes increasingly obsessed with discovering what happened as she uncovers evidence that the four crew of the expedition were apparently anxious to hide something.


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