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24 January 2009

In which the author lists his preferred Firefox extensions (part two)

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Continuing on from the first part, I list here some more Firefox extensions which I find particularly handy. These ones will probably be useful to a wider range of people.

Adblock Plus makes the web a less irritating place, by blocking all the annoying banner ads around the place. Especially flash ads. Note that after installing the extension you will need to enable a ‘filter subscription’ before it will actually block anything. Just go into the preferences dialog, select ‘Add filter subscription…’ on the Filters menu, and you are away (or more to the point, the ads are away).

Delicious is a ‘social bookmarking’ site. You can bookmark web pages you like, and (if you like) share them with other people. For example, see my bookmarks on Delicious. The main advantages I find of Delicious over the usual bookmarks system provided by most web browsers are the ability to organise bookmarks using tags rather than folders, and that my bookmarks are available wherever I am rather than tied to a single computer — I can add a bookmark while I am at work then check it when I get home, access my bookmarks from my phone, or wherever I am with an Internet connection. Anyway, the reason for including Delicious in this list is that they provide a Firefox extension for integrating Delicious bookmarks with your web browser. This makes it much easier to use than having to go to their website each time.

In a similar vein is Read It Later. Again they have a website that you can use by itself, but it is much more useful with the Firefox extension. The way it works is to add a little button to the address bar for you to mark the current page as something interesting to read later when you have time. You can then close the tab, and when you later have time to read something, the page will be there in your reading list. Once you have read it it is removed from the list, so it is like a sort of temporary bookmarks system. Again, like Delicious, the list is stored on their server so you can access it from whatever computer you are using.

There will be one more post to come in this series, covering a couple more Firefox extensions which I recommend.


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