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1 March 2009

Pear and cinnamon muffins

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I decided this afternoon to make some muffins, did not have the ingredients for the flavours I normally make, but found a can of pears in the pantry. So I created these muffins, based vaguely on a recipe I have for orange muffins. They taste pretty good, so I recommend making them. Here is the recipe: Krecipes format, RecipeML or PDF.

As it happens, I have made a batch of muffins each day for the last 3 days. The first batch had frozen raspberries, raspberry jam, a little cinnamon and some dark chocolate (62%, I think), and was constructed based on a recipe for cheese muffins. The second was banana chocolate chip mostly according to a recipe I have, though without enough chocolate. Both could have done with more sugar, and both had to be made with UHT goat’s milk and olivani rather than normal milk and butter. They were alright, but I think this third batch today was the better.



  1. Yummy – muffins are one of my favourites. I can eat banana choc muffins any time of the day.
    Good on you for baking.

    Comment by Hannah Gao — 2 March 2009 @ 10:16 pm

  2. […] Pear and cinnamon muffins […]

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