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8 July 2009

Updates to theQuotebook

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I have made a few updates to theQuotebook over the past few weeks (well, okay, months). For those who have not already noticed:

  • You can now get an email when you are quoted, or when someone comments on one of your quotes (either a quote that you added or one that you said). This will be enabled by default the first time you log in. Users who have been created to be quoted but have not themselves logged in to the site will not get any emails. I originally implemented it so that they would get emails and so could see when they are quoted and log in if they wanted, but this was changed on request from a user. Let me know which way you think is best.
  • It is now a bit easier to sign up if you do not already have an OpenID, as the site now has an option on the login page to get one from myOpenID. The link there will sign you straight in once you have it, thanks to myOpenID’s affiliate programme.
  • It is possible to use some basic formatting in quotes and comments. You can make text *bold* and _italic_ like so, and also use BBCode if you are familiar with that. The formatting options for quotes are fairly limited, but comments allow most BBCode.
  • There is are now Atom feeds for comments as well as for quotes, so you can subscribe to both in your favourite feedreader (I recommend Google Reader) and keep up with them without checking the site all the time. To subscribe to the quotes and comments on your quotebooks, go to the home page, make sure you are logged in, and then click the RSS feed icon in your web browser (in Firefox it is a little orange icon in the address bar, right-aligned after the URL).

There have also been many minor improvements, such as the ability to add a new quote straight from the page for each quotebook, rather than having to click a link first.

Looking forward, we will hopefully have a new style for the site in the not-too-distant future (thanks to Daniel Sherson). If you are particularly curious, more plans and ideas may be found. Or, of course, you could talk to me.

Comments, suggestions, ideas and other feedback are of course welcome. I make no promises about doing what you say, but I will certainly be happy to listen to anything.

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