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19 July 2011


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Last Saturday I went out to Cambridge for the day, which was nice except for the rain. I went with my friend Vivian and three other friends of hers; in all we had three accountants and two software engineers. It was a fairly international group again. There was an Indian guy who has been in the UK for the last 20 years or so (except that he has spent the last 8 months or something travelling all around the world), and a girl from somewhere in Europe (I forget where) who spent quite a few years growing up in New Zealand and Australia. She went to Wellington East Girl’s College, just through the Mount Vic. tunnel from Hataitai where I used to live, and her little brother went to Rongotai College (where I went for my first 3 years of college!) for one year, though it sounds like it was the year before I started there. There was also another girl, though I am not sure where she was from. Maybe America? I forget.

Cambridge: The King’s College chapel

Anyway, we took the train out to Cambridge, and it was pouring wet. We did the first part of a bus tour in the rain, but could not see anything on account of it. After lunch in a busy pub we went to see the King’s College chapel, which was beautiful (it has an amazing fan vault ceiling) and the rest of the King’s College grounds. We had a bit of a look around the grounds of Peterhouse, the oldest and smallest college of Cambridge University (founded in 1284), which was interesting to get some idea of what it might be like to study there. We then went to the Fitzwilliam Museum, which was quite good, and had a great big collection of art, mostly paintings as well as some pottery and other things. We did not quite see all of it. By the time we left the museum it had stopped raining, and we went on a punt tour of the river Cam which was nice. We went under the Cam Bridge, after which the city was named, and various other bridges, including the Bridge of Sighs which was named after the more famous bridge of the same name in Venice, but shares little else in common with it other than being covered. It does not really look anything like the original. We then did the rest of the bus tour, being just in time for the last bus of the day. We tried to see the Botanic Gardens too, but they were closed by that point, so we just took the train back to London.

Three of us then had dinner at a Taiwanese restaurant in Chinatown, which was nice though very small and cramped. I accidentally knocked over a wine bottle on the table next to ours with my bag while trying to get to my seat. Oops. It was tasty though, and quite affordable.

And that was that. All in all a good day, just a pity about the rain during much of it. See my photos of the trip for more.


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  1. That sounds like a lovely outing Andrew. I’m glad you got to see such beautiful places with some newfound friends. That chapel roof is certainly a masterpiece of craftsmanship. It is funny that you could compare the ‘Bridge of Sighs’ to the original, having been to Venice earlier this year! You are so blessed to be able to travel to all these amazing places. I am glad that you are able to have such great adventures (even in the rain 🙂

    Comment by Sharon McGowan — 30 July 2011 @ 1:47 pm

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