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14 May 2013

1/7: Desserts came very quickly after agriculture

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(Day 1 of an effort to blog every day for a week, alongside a bunch of blogging friends.)

Work was busy in a stop-start way. We have a launch coming up soon of something I have been working on for some time so need to get everything ready, but I am often blocked on other people. This has been more or less my usual state of being for some time though, so nothing is all that new.

I need to get on with applying for a new passport soon, which will require getting a passport photo taken. And measuring my height. I have vague memories of having a tape measure somewhere. I also need to help my mum back up her computer, and copy everything on her old small IDE hard drive to a new bigger SATA hard drive, so she can then migrate to my old desktop (which is at least slightly newer than her current machine, and hopefully noticeably quieter). Attempts to catch up with Rachel in the weekend failed, so need to find a time to see her before she leaves on Wednesday. Hmm, what am I forgetting?

As usual, not much time to think.

Had Aga, Luca and Luca’s flatmate Emily over for dinner this evening, my first London dinner party since before Easter. Aga is a Googler, Luca is a blues dancing friend. There was some confusion about the meaning of the expression “+1”. They all seemed to enjoy trying feijoas. We made a couple of pizzas: one vegetable pizza with capsicum, mushroom and fresh basil, and one with sausages, salami, pineapple and more basil. I had forgotten that salami contains pork, and that they were pork sausages (Luca does not eat pork, sadly). I did not get the ratio quite right for the dough (or something) and the texture was completely wrong at first, but I managed to fix it passably in the end. They were both pretty tasty, especially the basil. Fresh basil always smells amazing too. Oh, and we had smoothies too; banana, peach, strawberry yoghurt and orange juice. Luca decided to compliment me each time she sees me.

Dessert was microwave steamed pudding, now that I can finally make it again over here. My microwave ring pan went missing many months ago and I could not find anywhere to buy a new one over here, but while I was back in NZ my mum found one so I brought it back with me. It still did not work out quite right; despite adding extra flour I still had the problem I always seem to have over here of it not rising enough and not cooking through properly at the bottom (the top when it is tipped out). I am not sure what is to blame — it always used to work very reliably back in NZ. I can only assume the flour is different somehow, but I would have thought adding more to make the batter match in consistency would have fixed that. The golden syrup is different here too. Lighter.

Aga took lots of photos, so I guess they will be up on G+ shortly. Quote of the day was from Luca: “I bet desserts came very quickly after agriculture”. There was much hilarity all round. And some tomato paste. Luca and Emily (mostly Luca) decided they would buy muffins tins and a blender and start making muffins and smoothies. Apparently I am to come over and teach Luca to bake muffins as her parents neglected to show her this vital life skill. Should be fun.

We had some interesting conversations about gender roles, discrimination, hugs, muffins, haptic technology, robot cats, people, and accents.

My attempt at kidnapping was ultimately unsuccessful.

I should be trying to sleep.


Oh, I should see if anyone wants to go up to St. Albans with me for a contra this Saturday.

[Edit 2013-05-14: Added links]


  1. With getting your passport (for me at least), you can do it online now, and it remembers your height from last time. Which is nice. Unless you’ve changed height in the last 5 years…

    Comment by yomcat — 14 May 2013 @ 5:53 pm

    • Yep, I will definitely be renewing it online. My current passport was issued 10 years ago though, so there maybe a little possibility I have changed height since then. I should at least check.

      Comment by qwandor — 14 May 2013 @ 7:48 pm

  2. Sounds like a great variety of conversations 🙂 enjoy contra!

    Comment by Polly — 16 May 2013 @ 11:54 am

    • If I do go this Saturday, that will be 3 Saturdays in a row of contra dancing! Craziness.

      Comment by qwandor — 16 May 2013 @ 9:50 pm

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