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19 May 2013

6/7: No tea

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(Day 6 of an effort to blog every day for a week, alongside a bunch of blogging friends.)

I was going to be making muffins with a friend this morning, but sadly that fell through. I slept instead. Finally got up at about 11:45 am. That is the most I have slept in in a long time. Perhaps needed though, I had not been getting enough sleep lately.

Did not do anything terribly productive. Bought groceries for Tuesday’s dinner-party. Ate the left-over pizza in the fridge from Monday’s dinner which I had forgotten about; it was still mostly edible, if a little stale (or soggy, in one part. That was weird.) Washed some clothes and my towel. Did not quite get around to doing the vacuuming I had planned to do. Made a smoothie, and the blender leaked.

In the evening I went out to a contra up in St. Albans. The caller was excellent, and the band were decent, but it was almost all old people which was a pity. My attempts at getting people from London to come along were not very successful, only Gareth came. Still, mostly enjoyable. The train back stopped at Blackfriars so I Boris-biked from there, and got home some time after midnight.

I wonder when I will watch tonight’s Doctor Who episode. Certainly not tonight, it being 12:55 am, and probably not tomorrow night either. Maybe Monday.

Things to be done: vacuuming, selecting and cropping a passport photo, working out how tall I am and what my eye colour is called, sleeping, writing a blog post about dwarves, finding a new time for muffin-making, thinking about plays to go to, organising travel plans for the summer. What else have I forgotten?



  1. No blues and no tea?!

    Comment by Polly — 20 May 2013 @ 2:39 am

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