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20 May 2013

7/7: The Rainbow Connection

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(Day 7 of an effort to blog every day for a week, alongside a bunch of blogging friends.)

The Rainbow Connection has been going through my head all day. Humming the tune to myself in time to my steps as I walk down the street.

Went to church in the morning as usual, the 11:30 am service. Matthew was there, with a friend of his who is visiting from NZ for a couple of weeks. The sermon was about spiritual gifts, among other things, from I Corinthians 12:1-11. I disagreed with some of the implications made by Rico Tice; it is a pity that there is never much of an opportunity for discussion. Oh that I could find the perfect church!

Afterwards I walked down Oxford Street and through Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens to a pub in Kensington for lunch to celebrate Fi‘s birthday. She was a bit late to arrive (for the fairly reasonable excuse that it was her first day getting around without a wheelchair, just crutches), but fortunately I was able to find two of her friends who were there already. In the end 6 of us got there before her, to much amusement. ‘Twas good to catch up a bit, and chat to a few nice people, and the food was good too. I had a tasty beef and bacon burger.

Afterwards I caught a bus down to Clapham Junction to catch the end of an afternoon swing-dancing fundraiser a friend was running for a movie she is going to be involved in making. I got there in time for a bit of dancing, said friend singing a couple of songs (she has a great voice, I had not heard her sing before; she has a number of videos on Youtube though, such as this one), a duo on ukelele and banjo playing a couple of songs for everyone to sing along to, an amusing short act by two Victorian time-travelers, and then a band playing a great set for us to dance to. The band was more rockabilly than swing, but great fun and very energetic. They did throw in one more bluesy tune in the middle which was nice. It has been much to long since I have done any blues dancing, I really need to get back into that! There were some tasty homemade cakes on sale too; I had a bit of ginger cake and a macaroon. It was a good afternoon, but exhausting.

Afterwards I bussed home, had some ryebread with cheese and marmite, did a load of washing, and called my mum to walk her through the process of moving her new harddrive from her computer to my old computer (which is marginally newer and hopefully less noisy, and had been sitting in the basement unused for the past 3 years). The only complication was that apparently for some reason my computer names its Ethernet interface eth1 rather than eth0, so we needed to update a config file accordingly. And GRUB is giving an error message ‘out of disk’ on a cold boot, which goes away after resetting. Rather odd, but at least there is a workaround for now. Has anyone come across anything similar before? This is GRUB 2, and it is booting from a 1 TB SATA drive. What little information I can find online seems to suggest it might be something to do with the BIOS not liking large drives, but that does not explain why it works on the second try.

Watched the final episode of this series of Doctor Who on iPlayer. It was alright. I have not been impressed with this latest series on the whole, especially the second half. Hopefully they will find a new writer to replace Steven Moffat sometime soon. He did start off well, but seems to have run out of good ideas.



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