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29 May 2013

A busy week

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My phone somehow turned itself off overnight, despite having plenty of battery power left, so the alarm did not go off in the morning. I woke up at about 9:15 am. Whoops. Hurried to work and had a small breakfast at my desk.
Finally made muffins with Luca and some of her friends and flatmates. We made one batch of blueberry and cinnamon and one batch of lemon and yoghurt. Neither turned out right; they just did not cook properly for some reason. Neither of us had either recipe before, and they had some oddities. I think next time I will stay with recipes I am familiar with. They tasted alright, but just fell apart completely or were a bit stodgy.

Had a couple of friends over for dinner. My flatmate Steph joined us too, which was nice. I do not get to eat with my flatmates very often sadly. I made a beef stir-fry, and apple scotch for dessert. Chatted about stuff.

Worked late as I had things to finish for deadlines at work. Left work around 9:00 pm I think. Missed Springboard. Did not do much else.

Went to Blues in my Shoes. It was a bit different this week as they were having a sort of unofficial pre-party for London Swing Festival, so they played a mix of blues and swing, and there were a few people from out of town who had come for the weekend. A bunch of unfamiliar faces who were apparently new regulars as well — I had not been for quite some time as I was away in New Zealand, then was too tired, then it was on a different day, so it had probably been almost 2 months since last I went. I found the mix of DJed music a bit odd. They had Dan Nash playing later on though, which is always good.

Was tired and knew I had a full weekend coming up, so did not do much. Did not go to the London Jitterbug Championships, though I heard they were great fun.

Day one of London Swing Festival. I did the intermediate/advanced track this year, which I think was the right choice. There were about 5 hours of workshops during the day plus an hour for lunch and a couple of short breaks. My workshops were in the Islington Assembly Hall, which is a nice venue but has an extremely bouncy floor. I have never been anywhere quite like it: you can feel people dancing on it from across the hall, and even see it bouncing if you watch. I wonder what its resonant frequency is? The workshops focussed mostly on technique, which was good. They were also mostly not too high-energy which was a relief.

I went home for dinner, a shower and a brief nap before the Saturday night dance at the Camden Centre. Saturday night was scheduled to finish around 4:00 am. I had planned to leave around midnight, but when I checked the time I found it was 1:30 am, so that did not quite work. It was excellent fun though, good music (Steve Coombe’s Hot Six playing, plus the usual DJs), and lots of great dances. The only problem, other than it getting very crowded for a while in the middle, was that the Camden Centre has an extremely slippery floor. I started off in my (leather-soled) Aris Allens, but after a few dances of struggling to keep my balance and not slip over I gave up and switched to some rubber-soled shoes. My dancing improved quite a bit once I no longer had to worry about falling over.

Got to bed a bit after 2:00 am, got up at 8:45 am wishing I could stay in bed. Day two of LSF, with workshops during the day again. The weekend was nice and sunny, still not that warm but it was nonetheless pleasant to eat lunch in a little park nearby. The evening social was in the Islington Assembly Hall (with the bouncy floor) until midnight, with the Basin Street Brawlers playing. I was thinking of going straight home afterwards, but decided to go to the afterparty for a bit as it was at the Bedroom Bar, not too far away. There was of course an enormous crowd queueing for the bus, so I walked down to Angel and Boris-biked from there, which did not take too long. There was more swing playing downstairs and blues upstairs; I went straight upstairs as I was already half asleep. Lots of great dances, or at least I think they were — I am not entirely sure whether being that sort of tired makes my more relaxed and a better blues dancer, or just makes me feel like I am. But hopefully it was the former. Ended up leaving around 3:15 am I think, Boris biked home, and got to bed at about 4:10 am, as it was starting to get light outside and the birds were waking up. I arrived home feeling kind of hungry, so had some yoghurt and other things from the fridge. Celery and hummus maybe? Could not quite be bothered slicing cheese. Fortunately Monday was a bank holiday…


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