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17 April 2010


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I have posted a number of recipes on this blog before, but as I have recently had a few people ask for copies of various recipes I thought it might be worth making a post with a number of my favourite recipes all together in one place. So, here are a few recipes which I make fairly often and recommend. I have provided each recipe in PDF format for easy viewing or Krecipes format for importing into that software. If you would like a copy in a different format just let me know by posting a comment below.

First up is a basic banana cake. It is fairly quick and easy to make, hard to go wrong with, and only needs one mixing bowl. Download: PDF, Krecipes

Apple Scotch is a dessert that I often make to take if I am invited to visit somebody for dinner, as it is fairly quick to prepare with a food processor, I can carry it without too much trouble, and it can sit in the fridge for a while then be cooked quickly in the microwave just before we are ready to eat it. It is especially nice served with vanilla or chocolate icecream. Download: PDF, Krecipes

Another dessert that I often take to people’s places is a microwave steamed pudding. It is also quick to prepare, and takes only 3 minutes to cook. When I am bringing it for dinner at someone’s place, I mix and microwave the wet ingredients in a large jam jar, mix the dry ingredients in a plastic pottle, then bring them, my ring tin and some golden syrup in my backpack. It then takes just a few minutes at my destination to finish the preparations by mixing the two and putting everything into the ring tin, then I can just microwave it and have it ready to eat in very little time. It is even better served with fresh hot custard. Download: PDF, Krecipes

Another good dessert, less portable but easily scaled up to feed lots of people (I made it for 40 once), is this chocolate fudge pudding I got from a chocolate cookbook I have. It is a little bit different to most chocolate self-saucing puddings, with a more fudgey texture that I prefer. Download: PDF, Krecipes

Moving on from desserts, I will leave you with a few favourite muffin recipes.
Orange muffins: PDF, Krecipes
Double chocolate muffins: PDF, Krecipes

I think that will do for now. Feedback is welcome, as always.


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