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17 May 2009

Free stuff

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I have a few computer bits and pieces to get rid of, so I thought it best before throwing them out to check whether anyone might want any of them. So, does anyone want any of the following:

  • An AMD Sempron processor (I cannot remember the exact model number, but around 1.8 GHz), with heatsink and fan.
  • An SBus framebuffer (graphics card), to suit a Sun Sparcstation of some sort. It takes up two SBus sockets, and has the usual 13W3 connector that Sun used to use for their monitors.
  • An external audio adapter for a Sun Sparcstation with the appropriate socket. It has a speaker, microphone, volume controls and line in / out sockets.
  • Various old PCI graphics cards, and I think some AGP ones too, possibly not so old.
  • Various PCI sound cards.

All of that is free to anyone who wants it, so let me know soon if you are interested in any of it. I also have various other bits and pieces that I might be persuaded to part with, so let me know if you are looking for anything in particular.


3 February 2009

More free concerts

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There are a number of free concerts coming up soon that sound good. I plan to go to at least some of them, perhaps you would like to join me? Here:

This Thursday, 2009-02-05, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra are playing with Tina Cross at Frank Kitts Park as part of the Starry Nights Concert Series. It sounds like they are doing a range of covers and so on. See the programme at the link for more information.

On Wednesday 11th February from 6:30 pm the NZSO are playing for free again, this time at the Michael Fowler Centre. Apparently “the concert features a new commission by New Zealand composer Anthony Ritchie French Overture, the delightfully tuneful and jolly Haydn Cello Concerto in C major and to finish — Beethoven’s Symphony No 4 — one of the most exhilarating of Beethoven’s nine symphonies“. I may not be able to make this one unfortunately, but it sounds good nonetheless.

On Friday 20th Thursday 19th February, Fur Patrol are playing at Frank Kitts Park (also part of the Starry Nights Concert Series). This one I particularly want to go to, so I hope that I can.

So, does anyone want to join me? At least for the first and last of those I listed above.

18 January 2009

Take my computers

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Does anybody want any of the following, all for free?

  • Dell Dimension V350 with 350 MHz Pentium II, 256 MiB RAM, 8 GB hard drive (I think, may be larger), onboard sound, onboard graphics, modem, network card if you want. I can also provide a keyboard and monitor to go with it, and probably a mouse.
  • SparcStation IPX
  • SparcStation 10
  • 2 external SCSI hard drives, to suit either of the SparcStations. SCSI cables included.

I also have a bunch of Sun cables and other gear to go with the SparcStations, which I am happy to throw in. A monitor cable, serial cable for the IPX, AUI-Ethernet adapter for the IPX, audio cables and adapters, an external speaker, probably other things that I have forgotten about.

If you are interested please get in touch ASAP; I am moving flats soon and would like to get rid of this stuff before I have to move it.

6 January 2008

A tree

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This morning, at around 9:50 am, I was walking from the fruit and vegetable market to church (as I do almost every Sunday), when a woman came up to me with a small tree in a green plastic pot with gold-coloured foil around it.
“Would you like a free tree?” she asked.
I replied that I did not really have anywhere to put it, but she gave it to me anyway, putting it into the bag in which I was carrying 3 carrots and 6 eggs which I had just bought. She said something about going away somewhere, it being a bonzai of some sort, and that she was sure that I would take good care of it, then returned to her car and drove off, leaving me with the tree. I continued my walk to church, with one bag rather more full than it had been. A few minutes later, I removed the foil.

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