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6 June 2009

Local music

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I would like to tell you about a few local musicians whom I know to varying degrees. They all live in Wellington, and I have met all of them at least once.

First up is Josh Thompson, now calling himself Danjor (previously Tommo39). Danjor’s music is mostly fairly light acoustic rock about God and girls. You can see what he is up to at the Danjor blog, and download some free tracks from his old website. He is working on an album to be released at some point, but in the meantime I recommend that you download his songs and listen to them.

Someone else well worth listening to is Sarah Hughes. She plays female singer-songwriter sort of stuff, again someone singing about life and love and God with a guitar. She does do it well though. Unfortunately the page for Sarah Hughes refers to another artist of the same name. Sarah has so far released one album, Glimpses. Unfortunately it only has 6 tracks, but I recommend it nonetheless. You will have to contact her directly to buy it; try her blog (linked above). I am not aware of any plans for more albums, but who knows.

Another Josh with a guitar to watch out for is Josh Baker. Josh seems like a fairly interesting character (well, maths students are always cool, right?), and he seems to write a fair number of songs, some of which he records and posts online.

Is there anyone I have missed? Whom do you recommend?


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