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4 July 2008

Personal feeds on Geekpoints

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A minor but useful new feature: Geekpoints now has Atom feeds for points awarded by and to each user, as well as the feed of all points awarded. The feeds are linked in the usual way from each user’s page. For example, my Geekpoints page links to recent Geekpoints awarded by me and recent Geekpoints awarded to me.

This should be useful for integration with social networking and microblogging services: for example, you could add the feed of Geekpoints awarded by you to your Jaiku profile, so that your friends can see it along with everything else you have on Jaiku. I assume it would also work with FriendFeed, though I have not tried.


23 June 2008

More ways to stalk me

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I recently started using Twitter, a popular microblogging service. It lets one post short updates (up to 140 characters) of one’s status or other comments. You can then subscribe to friend’s feeds, and see their updates via the web, RSS / Atom feeds, IM or SMS. I was impressed that the SMS service is free to receive updates, and works fine for me here on Vodafone NZ. You can see my feed here.

I have also signed up for Jaiku (my profile), which is a similar service (recently bought by Google) though with better handling of conversations and the ability to include RSS feeds from other services (such as blogs, or even Twitter). It is currently in closed beta though, so getting an account is a bit difficult.

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