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4 November 2009

Fixing VMware mouse grab bug on Ubuntu Karmic

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I just upgraded my work machine from Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) to 9.10 (Karmic) and came across a couple of problems with VMware Player (version 2.5.3 build-185404). It seemed wise to document the fixes I found here so that other people experiencing the same problems might find these solutions when they Google for it.

The first was an error when it tried to launch my VM complaining that the virtualisation extensions of my CPU were already in use, saying “The virtualization capability of your processor is already in use. Disable any other running hypervisors before running VMware Player.” and then a number of other errors. This was fixed by removing the KVM kernel modules:
$ rmmod kvm_intel kvm

The second problem was that the VMware window would lose its mouse capture whenever I moved the mouse pointer outside the top-left of the VM screen (apparently a 640×480 region), unless I had a mouse button held down. This made it impossible to actually use the VM. This was eventually fixed by adding the following line to /etc/vmware/bootstrap:
This forces VMware Player to use its own version of the GTK library rather than the Ubuntu one, which apparently avoids the mouse grab bug.


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