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8 September 2009

An idea for songfighting

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I was walking to work yesterday, and I had an idea.

Perhaps you have heard of SONG FIGHT. If not, the idea is fairly simple: each week, a song title is given. Competitors then have a week to write the words and music for a song fitting that title, record it, and submit it. Anyone can then download the songs, listen to them and vote for which they think are best. I guess the main point is to motivate musicians to write more songs, to improve their skills and whatnot.

Anyway, my idea is to automate the process. I want to write some software that, given a title, can produce a half-plausible sounding song matching it. The first step would be to generate the lyrics, which I guess could be handled by an approach based on Markov chains trained on a range of existing song lyrics, probably combined with some sort of syllable and rhyming dictionaries to produce lines with some sort of rhythmic structure. Hmm, perhaps the rhythm should be generated first and then the lyrics made to fit it. The title would be included in one of the lines, probably near the beginning or end, or even several times in the chorus.

Next (or perhaps first), it would be necessary to generate some sort of plausible tune for the verse and chorus, and any other bits in-between (bridge? intro? instrumental bit in the middle?). I am not sure how to approach this, perhaps there is some literature on the subject. Maybe more Markov chains, or some sort of recombination of existing tunes, or some other method. I could really do with some advice from musicians here: how do you put together a tune that actually sounds tuneful, rather than just a list of random notes?

I assume that once the basic melody is generated, generating a passable accompaniment would be relatively straightforward, though again I will need to talk to some musicians.

Once the music and lyrics are sorted, along with an arrangement for the song, producing the final product would be a matter of running the lyrics and melody through Festival’s singing mode (as I have played with before), synthesise a few instruments and some drums for the rest of it, and mix it all together, ready to submit. Simple?

Anyway, reactions? Does this sound plausible? Has it all been done before? Can you offer any advice, especially for the musical side of it?


6 June 2009

Local music

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I would like to tell you about a few local musicians whom I know to varying degrees. They all live in Wellington, and I have met all of them at least once.

First up is Josh Thompson, now calling himself Danjor (previously Tommo39). Danjor’s music is mostly fairly light acoustic rock about God and girls. You can see what he is up to at the Danjor blog, and download some free tracks from his old website. He is working on an album to be released at some point, but in the meantime I recommend that you download his songs and listen to them.

Someone else well worth listening to is Sarah Hughes. She plays female singer-songwriter sort of stuff, again someone singing about life and love and God with a guitar. She does do it well though. Unfortunately the page for Sarah Hughes refers to another artist of the same name. Sarah has so far released one album, Glimpses. Unfortunately it only has 6 tracks, but I recommend it nonetheless. You will have to contact her directly to buy it; try her blog (linked above). I am not aware of any plans for more albums, but who knows.

Another Josh with a guitar to watch out for is Josh Baker. Josh seems like a fairly interesting character (well, maths students are always cool, right?), and he seems to write a fair number of songs, some of which he records and posts online.

Is there anyone I have missed? Whom do you recommend?

10 May 2009

Music and me

I often find that I associate things in my life — events, feelings, and so on — quite strongly with music. Some songs remind me of particular times, places, emotions, happenings.
Here are some songs that have been significant over the past year or so.

Bottom of Yourself by The Anywheres was a song that I listened to quite a bit at times last year. There were times last year when I felt completely exhausted, drained, unable to go any further, and this song seemed to fit.

So when you get there
Let me know you’re well
I’ll be waiting for your call
And when you get there
Tell me how it feels
To reach the bottom of yourself

Oh, and it quotes Amazing Grace, which makes it even better. Definitely something to listen to during long walks in the middle of the night.

Lights of Sunday by Emerald Park is another fairly acoustic, indie song, which I have been listening to a bit earlier this year. Again, something to listen to while walking slowly, at night, to no particular destination. And again, I identify with it as reflecting how I have felt at times.

He’s tired of himself
I don’t think sleep will help
You’re weary and you sleep
‘Cause you’re tired of yourself
When you’re sorry for yourself
You push your friends away
And when you push your friends away
You feel sorry for yourself

Real Synthetic Audio is not a song but a podcast, playing 40 minutes of industrial, EBM and futurepop each week. Driving beats and angry Germans. I got into RSA this last year through my Ukrainian friend Cat, who would often play it while we were working in the lab late at night, night after night. I found it to be good music for keeping oneself awake through the months of 14–16-hour days that is honours.
It is also good for walking fast, or running. It tends to be pretty hard stuff, and there are some songs or entire episodes that I dislike, but I currently have 23 episodes that I listen to on and off. I probably do not listen to it quite as much as I used to, though just a few days ago I was listening to quite a bit.

‘Leaves That Are Green’ by Simon and Garfunkel is a song that I identify with a bit at the moment, feeling that I am getting older without really getting anywhere. Missing people, feeling opportunities slip away.

I was twenty-one years when I wrote this song.
I’m twenty-two now but I won’t be for long,
Time hurries on.
And the leaves that are green turn to brown,
And they wither with the wind,
And they crumble in your hand.

Hello, hello, hello, good-bye,
Good-bye, good-bye, good-bye,
That’s all there is.
And the leaves that are green turned to brown,
And they wither with the wind,
And they crumble in your hand.

My only gripe, though, are the lines “I was twenty-one years when I wrote this song. / I’m twenty-two now but I won’t be for long”. This does not make sense: how old was Paul Simon when he wrote those lines? 21 or 22?
More Simon and Garfunkel songs that I have lately listened to and thought about are ‘Patterns’, ‘Bye Bye Love’ and ‘The Sound Of Silence’.

‘In Christ Alone’, by Stuart Townend and Keith Getty, reminds me of TSCF conferences.

In Christ alone my hope is found;
He is my light, my strength, my song;
This cornerstone, this solid ground,
Firm through the fiercest drought and storm.
What heights of love, what depths of peace,
When fears are stilled, when strivings cease!
My comforter, my all in all—
Here in the love of Christ I stand.

The triumphant final verse is particularly good too:

No guilt in life, no fear in death—
This is the pow’r of Christ in me;
From life’s first cry to final breath,
Jesus commands my destiny.
No pow’r of hell, no scheme of man,
Can ever pluck me from His hand;
Till He returns or calls me home—
Here in the pow’r of Christ I’ll stand.

I bought Stuart Townend’s album ‘There is a Hope’ at the the TSCF mid-year conference last year, I think it was, and there are quite a few really good songs on there, I guess best described as modern hymns.
Some more great songs on the same album, which I think I also remember from TSCF conferences, are ‘There Is A Hope’ and ‘Salvation Song’.

‘Lead Me To The Cross’ by Graham Kendrick (not to be confused with the Hillsong song of the same name) is another excellent hymn, which I remember from the 2006 TSCF midyear conference:

How can I be free from sin?
Lead me to the cross of Jesus
From the guilt, the power, the pain?
Lead me to the cross of Jesus

There’s no other way
No price that I could pay
Simply to the cross I cling
This is all I need
This is all I plead
That his blood was shed for me

The Flaming Lips (or at least, their album ‘Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots’) remind me of working at Innaworks the summer before last, as I first heard them there (thanks to Darren I think). At first I was not too keen on their music, but it definitely grew on me and and I listened to it a fair bit in Memphis last year.

Another song that reminds me a lot of last year is ‘I Am A Rock’ by Simon and Garfunkel. I felt that I could relate to it:

I have no need of friendship; friendship causes pain.
Its laughter and its loving I disdain.
I am a rock,
I am an island.

And the end, sad, defiant, but still not quite honest:

Hiding in my room, safe within my womb.
I touch no one and no one touches me.
I am a rock,
I am an island.

And a rock feels no pain;
And an island never cries.

It was something that I listened to late at night, alone in Memphis, anyway.

There are of course many more songs: stuff by Breaking Benjamin, Live, Lagoona, Apocalyptica, Nightwish, Switchfoot, Adiemus and others, and I am really liking The Cranberries at the moment, especially ‘I Just Shot John Lennon’ and ‘I’m Still Remembering’. But I think that will do for now.

Oh, one more: ‘Videotape’ by Radiohead. Another melancholic one, bringing memories of walking home in the dark, tired but not sleepy, dissatisfied. Perhaps it is raining a little.
It is hard to pick just one part to quote here, so do listen to the whole thing, but here is the beginning and the end:

When I’m at the pearly gates
This’ll be on my videotape
My videotape
My videotape

No matter what happens now
I won’t be afraid
Because I know
Today has been the most perfect day I have ever seen.

As usual, Thom Yorke’s voice is amazing in his unique way, and this sparse song demonstrates it well.

What songs are particularly significant to you?

3 February 2009

More free concerts

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There are a number of free concerts coming up soon that sound good. I plan to go to at least some of them, perhaps you would like to join me? Here:

This Thursday, 2009-02-05, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra are playing with Tina Cross at Frank Kitts Park as part of the Starry Nights Concert Series. It sounds like they are doing a range of covers and so on. See the programme at the link for more information.

On Wednesday 11th February from 6:30 pm the NZSO are playing for free again, this time at the Michael Fowler Centre. Apparently “the concert features a new commission by New Zealand composer Anthony Ritchie French Overture, the delightfully tuneful and jolly Haydn Cello Concerto in C major and to finish — Beethoven’s Symphony No 4 — one of the most exhilarating of Beethoven’s nine symphonies“. I may not be able to make this one unfortunately, but it sounds good nonetheless.

On Friday 20th Thursday 19th February, Fur Patrol are playing at Frank Kitts Park (also part of the Starry Nights Concert Series). This one I particularly want to go to, so I hope that I can.

So, does anyone want to join me? At least for the first and last of those I listed above.

29 August 2008

Music, birthday

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Some people want to buy me music for my birthday. Again, do not feel obliged to buy anything, but if you do, then it may be helpful to know that some artists that I like are: Pink Floyd,, The Flaming Lips, Gregorian, Enigma, Radiohead, Scott Andrew, Jonathan Coulton, Evanescence, Oasis, trance[]control, Seal, Moby, Live, Breaking Benjamin, Robert Miles, Adiemus / Miriam Stockley, Moped, Bic Runga, Brooke Fraser.

Some information about what music I listen to can also be found on my profile. As for formats, anything digital without DRM is probably alright; CDs are certainly fine.

9 August 2008

Talking, walking

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It seems that I tend to have more interesting conversations while walking than in other situations. A number of times in the last few months I have found that I have had really interesting conversations with somebody while walking to somewhere (with a group of other people), but once we arrive at the destination the conversation has stopped and I returned to my usual frustrated state.

I am not sure why.

Try walking with me somewhere sometime, perhaps.

Going through my head right now: ‘Hey You’ (Pink Floyd)

This is rather a disjointed post. Oh well.

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