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19 October 2008


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I recently played a small interactive fiction called Photopia. It was quite interesting, and short enough that it can be played in one sitting (an hour or two, I think). It is more of a story and less of a game than most IF, which I liked: it has a mostly linear structure, with interactivity used mostly to put the player into the place of the characters. The few puzzles are straightforward and not frustrating, rather being used to draw the player into the story. It takes an interesting approach in several ways, with the player taking on the role of different characters in different scenes, and alternating between real-life scenes and a story told by one of the characters. It also makes use of colour in an unusual way, to link scenes.

If you enjoy reading short stories or novellas, I recommend it. You can download Photopia here, and play it on one of the many Z-machine interpreters available for pretty much every platform out there. Also see the author’s site for more information (about halfway down the page).


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