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6 February 2012

New Zealand here I come!

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Hello dear readers! Those of you living in NZ may be happy (or perhaps unhappy?) to know that I am planning a visit back home in just under two months. I fly into Wellington on Friday 23rd March, and back out again on the morning of Monday 23rd April. I will be working from home for a fair bit of that time, but should be fairly flexible and certainly free most evenings and weekends as well as taking some leave, and also hope to visit at least Palmerston North and Auckland (and perhaps also Christchurch if anyone down there wants to see me) at some point.

So, who is keen to catch up, hang out, tramp / dance / bake / picnic / dine / converse? Is anyone keen for a weekend camping trip or anything like that?

While I am at it, seeing as I have not written anything here for a while, some things I have been up to lately (in no particular order) are:

  • Going to the Saturday night of TUX 5 in Toronto (great band, some great dancers, and great fun).
  • Going ice-skating for the first time in something like 20 years, also in Toronto (I was not very successful, predictably).
  • Learning the basics of Balboa dancing.
  • Sliding down a snow-covered hillside on inflated tubes in Kitchener with some Googlers.
  • Catching up with Teresa in Toronto, and Charlotte in London while she was visiting on her European tour.
  • Breaking one spoke on the drive side of my bike’s rear wheel, then breaking another while trying to fix it. (It is now sitting in a garage at Imperial College, I need to find time to go and fix it now that I hopefully have all the tools I need.)

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