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4 July 2008

Personal feeds on Geekpoints

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A minor but useful new feature: Geekpoints now has Atom feeds for points awarded by and to each user, as well as the feed of all points awarded. The feeds are linked in the usual way from each user’s page. For example, my Geekpoints page links to recent Geekpoints awarded by me and recent Geekpoints awarded to me.

This should be useful for integration with social networking and microblogging services: for example, you could add the feed of Geekpoints awarded by you to your Jaiku profile, so that your friends can see it along with everything else you have on Jaiku. I assume it would also work with FriendFeed, though I have not tried.

8 July 2007

Geekpoints Facebook application

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I signed up for Facebook this week (on Monday, I think), and on Wednesday night I created a Facebook application for Geekpoints. This means that if you have a Facebook account, you can have a box displayed on your profile showing how many geekpoints you have, and the latest points awarded to you.

To add it, add the Facebook application, then login to your Geekpoints account (or create one if you have not yet), edit your profile and enter the auth token generated by Facebook. This will also add a link to your Facebook profile on your Geekpoints page.

I would be interested to hear feedback on what you think of the application, and how it could be improved.

20 February 2007

Geekpoints atom update

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The Atom feed for geekpoints is now valid, and also now works with Firefox live bookmarks. I hope it is helpful; feedback is (as always) welcome.

27 January 2007

Geekpoints graph

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Geekpoints now has a nightly-updated graph of who has given points to whom. I think this may show some interesting groupings as Geekpoints gets larger, so if you haven’t already done so please join and start giving points to people who do cool geeky things.

On a related note, there is also now a nightly-updated graph of keysignatures between Interface GPG users. This is linked from a page the Interface wiki.

For both graphs, thanks to Graphviz.

13 December 2006

Show your Geekpoints off

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Those of you using Geekpoints can now show off how many points you have on your own site. (Those of you not using Geekpoints should join now.)

5 December 2006


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You may know that I have been a fan of XFN for a while. I’ve recently started using other microformats as well — both Geekpoints and Scrobbrel now use hCard for user information, in addition to XFN (which has been used for a while) for relationship information. My website also has an hCard for me.

This bookmarklet is useful for seeing and exporting hCard and hCalendar information on pages, though unfortunately it seems to ignore photos in hCards.

Konqueror has a microformat plugin that puts a little icon at the right of the status bar, but it doesn’t seem to work very well.

27 September 2006


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A few weeks ago, Cat, Clinton and I were talking idly about the various geeky things we were doing. One commented to another something along the lines of “you’d get quite a few of geek points for doing that”. We then realised that it would be great to have a website for this. So, we have created Geekpoints. Sign up, and give other people geekpoints when they do something cool and geeky. Who is the geekiest?

Comments and suggestions are very welcome. A better stylesheet would also be nice; if you know CSS and want to help, please contact me.

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