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3 February 2009


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From an article in the ACM TechNews, talking about silicon photonics for optical interconnects:

Sun engineer Ashok Krishnamoorthy says his company prefers to not have the light source on the chip, or even in the data center, because cooling is a problem.

Er, what? Taking the company name a bit too literally, perhaps… d-:


18 January 2009

Take my computers

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Does anybody want any of the following, all for free?

  • Dell Dimension V350 with 350 MHz Pentium II, 256 MiB RAM, 8 GB hard drive (I think, may be larger), onboard sound, onboard graphics, modem, network card if you want. I can also provide a keyboard and monitor to go with it, and probably a mouse.
  • SparcStation IPX
  • SparcStation 10
  • 2 external SCSI hard drives, to suit either of the SparcStations. SCSI cables included.

I also have a bunch of Sun cables and other gear to go with the SparcStations, which I am happy to throw in. A monitor cable, serial cable for the IPX, AUI-Ethernet adapter for the IPX, audio cables and adapters, an external speaker, probably other things that I have forgotten about.

If you are interested please get in touch ASAP; I am moving flats soon and would like to get rid of this stuff before I have to move it.

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